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Gatekeeper Training Program - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Gatekeeper Training Program?
The Gatekeeper Training Program is a new educational outreach program of CONTACT Crisis Line that will establish a network of community individuals who are trained to recognize and respond to teens showing signs of crisis.

Why take part in a Gatekeeper Training Program?
Studies have shown that short one-time presentations are not effective in increasing awareness of crisis risk or intervention.  The Center for Disease Control has identified Gatekeeper training as its top priority in its mission to reduce America’s suicide rate.  Teens who receive Gatekeeper training are more likely to seek adult help when a friend is in crisis. Adults who receive training are more confident in their ability to recognize youth at risk and to intervene when necessary.

Who should become a Gatekeeper?  
Anyone who has regular contact with youth should have Gatekeeper training.  This includes, but is not limited to, TEENS ages middle school to high school, school personnel, parents, clergy, volunteers, youth group leaders, and recreation staff.

What is involved in the training?
The Gatekeeper Training Program is an hour-and-a-half interactive session.  It is presented by the Director of the Teen Program of CONTACT Crisis Line in an interesting and informative format. Participants learn the warning signs and risk factors of stress, depression and suicide.  More importantly Gatekeepers are taught exactly how to seek help for a teen who is in crisis.

How is Gatekeeper training beneficial to students?
We know that one time classroom presentations are not effective in changing individual behavior.  Gatekeeper Training is most beneficial when incorporated into health or life skills curricula in schools and followed up by classroom discussion. During the training students learn warning sings of crisis and skills to help them get help for their friends.  CONTACT provides a DVD and facilitators guide to assist teachers in maximizing the benefit of Gatekeeper training.

How is Gatekeeper training beneficial to my organization or school?
Gatekeeper training is beneficial to any organization whose adult employees or volunteers have ongoing contact with teens.  Your employees will be specially trained to identify and respond to teens in crisis.  Gatekeeper training when incorporated into your critical incident policy and procedure limits your exposure should a critical incident occur.

Does Gatekeeper training  require yearly refresher sessions?
At CONTACT we believe that like CPR training yearly exposure to the Gatekeeper training is the best way to keep the main points of the training in mind.  We recommend a yearly refresher session that incorporates new information about specific teen issues such as self injury, communication skills etc.  The specific issues can be tailored for your school or organization.

What is the cost of this training?
ZERO cost to you. Funding for the Gatekeeper Program is provided through generous grants from the Dallas Mavericks Foundation and the Dallas Stars. This allows us to provide training free of charge to any organization.

To schedule Gatekeeper Training call:             
Missy Wall, MSW
Director, Teen Program
CONTACT Crisis Line

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